About Us

Eyadat is a digital directory Application & Website that delivers a seamless experience by linking clients seeking Beauty & Medical services with all Clinics / Doctors in just a click.

Our Unique Value proposition:

From the Users’ perspective “Our Clients”, Eyadat will connect them with renowned Beauty & Medical specialists by enabling them to search, discover, navigate, and make the best Beauty & Medical decision in just 1 minute.

Having said that, Eyadat will be their stargate for unlimited access to important information about Clinics/Doctors, Beauty & Medical industry’s latest technology, used techniques, cosmetics products, expert tips, and recommendations, and much more without wasting precious time.

From the Beauty & Medical Clinics’ perspective “Our Trusted Partners”, Eyadat will act as the catalyst to their business expansion by providing a venue to reach out to a broader spectrum of clientele, exploiting their services to increase their wallet share and streamline the engagement process by eliminating all bureaucratic expansion barriers. Having said that, Eyadat will stand out to be remembered as the most trusted partner for Beauty & Medical service providers and to be the unmatched leader in improving the quality of people’s lives by leveling up the Beauty & Medical industry into a local, regional, and international market.