Thank you for using our Services. To govern the relationship established by your use of (“Website”), or our Application Eyadat, (“Application”) and the Services offered by Eyadat therein, these Terms and Conditions (“Terms and Conditions”) constitute a legally binding Agreement made between you, either in your capacity as an individual or on behalf of an organization or entity you legally represent (“you,” “your”, “yours”), and ALMANNAEI for Web Design Co., the owner and operator of Eyadat (“Eyadat”,”we”, “us”, “our”). These Terms and Conditions apply to all Users of the Website, including without limitation browsers, vendors, customers, providers, and/or contributors of Content (the “User Agreement”). You understand that Eyadat reserves the right to limit or discontinue your use of the online Services if you do not abide by these Terms and Conditions or at the sole discretion of Eyadat. By accessing or using any part of the Website or Application, you agree that you have read, understand and agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions, as well as additional available guidelines, policies, or rules as applicable to the Website and Application, including, without limitation, the Eyadat Privacy Policy, which are incorporated by reference into this Terms and Conditions.




  1. Access & Intellectual Property

1.1 Subject to the Access Limitations specified, our platform grants the User during the Term a non-exclusive, non-transferable, revocable, non-assignable, non-sub licensable right to use the platform Dashboard in accordance with, and solely as necessary to receive the Services contemplated under this Agreement.

1.2 Except as expressly set forth in the User Agreement, the user shall not, and shall not attempt to (and shall not permit any Third Party to, or attempt to) directly or indirectly:

1.2.1 Interfere in any manner with the functionality or proper working of the platform Dashboard, platform APIs, or the platform Site;

1.2.2 Modify, alter, tamper with, translate, repair, or create derivative works from the platform Dashboard, platform APIs, or the platform Site;

1.2.3  Reverse  engineer,  disassemble, clecompile  or  otherwise  attempt  to discover the source code, object code or  underlying  structure,  ideas  or algorithms of the platform Dashboard or the platform APIs;

1.2.4  Attempt  to  gain  unauthorized access  to  the  platform  Dashboard, platform APIs, or the server(s) on which they  are  stored  or  any  other  server, network,  computer,  or  database connected to the platform Gateway or the platform Site;

1.2.5 Use or make available the Services or the platform Documentation for purposes other than those set forth in this Agreement;

1.2.6 Sell, distribute, rent, lease, assign, sub-contract or otherwise transfer or encumber rights to the Services, or otherwise make available or offer any aspect of the Services or the platform Documentation to any Third Party or on any file sharing Service, or use the Services or the platform Documentation for or on behalf of any Third Party, without the prior express written consent of the platform.

1.2.7 Use the Services in a way that could damage, disable, overburden, impair or compromise the platform systems or security or interfere with other Users of the platform Gateway;

1.2.8  Use  the  Services  to  build  a Product, Service, or Application that is competitive with any platform Product, Service, or Application; or

1.2.9  Transmit  any  material  that  is defamatory,  offensive,  or  otherwise objectionable  in  relation  to  the Services.

1.2.10  The  User  acknowledges  and agrees that any breach of the Access

Limitations shall be a material breach of the User Agreement.

1.3 For the avoidance of doubt, this Agreement does not transfer any property whatsoever, which rights shall remain owned entirely by the platform.

The platform reserves all right, titles, and interests in and to the Services, platform Account, platform Dashboard, platform APIs, platform Documentation, and all related Intellectual Property Rights.  This Agreement provides no right to the source code or decompiled software owned by, used by, or licensed to the platform.

1.4 The user acknowledges that the platform Documentation is and shall remain at all times confidential information and is protected by the copyright of the platform.


  1. Law and Jurisdiction

2.1 Your acceptance of this Agreement and Terms is considered to be an approved  and  signed  electronic signature in our electronic system and confirms the validity of this Agreement, by applying the provisions of Law No. 20/2014 for electronic transactions.

2.2 All electronic data, the information provided, offered, submitted, presented, shared, kept, used in, or through the platform are governed with the Terms of the regulation 42/2021  in  regards to Privacy Protection.

2.3  This  Agreement,  Terms  and Conditions, and all suits and proceedings hereunder shall be governed by shall be governed by and construed in accordance with [Kuwaiti laws].

2.4  Any  disputes  relating  to  this Agreement and/or Terms and Conditions shall be subject to the jurisdiction of Kuwait courts.


  1. Management and Operation of The Account

3.1 The User acknowledges and agrees that he/she remains exclusively liable for the management and operation of his Account, data connection, and user passwords.  The user further acknowledges  and  agrees  that  the platform shall not be held liable for any losses or damages of any kind suffered by the User as a result of his misuse of the platform (including negligent act or omission, willful misconduct, improper use, unforeseeable use or use not as intended in this Agreement), or as the result  of  any  change  made  to  the platform by any person other than the platform.

3.2 The vendor shall be responsible for the provision of all Customer Services in respect of the platform, including in relation to any malfunction thereof. The platform is not a selling agent in connection with any sale Services to any person. The platform has no control  over  or responsibility  for  the  quality,  fitness, safety, reliability, legality, or any other aspect of Service that might be provided.


  1. Medical Disclaimers

4.1    (Eyadat) is not a Medical/Beauty Service Provider nor is it involved in providing any Medical/Beauty Care or advice, diagnosis, or any related Services.  It shall hence not be responsible and shall not be liable to any transaction or provided Service.


  1. Nature of The Content Appearing on Our Services

5.1 OVERVIEW Our Services may include text, data, graphics, images, or other Content (collectively, “Content”) created by us or Third Parties, including Medical/Beauty Service Provider and Partners such as Clinics, Doctors, and Specialists.

5.2 OUR SERVICES Our Services include this Website and an Application which allows Users to search, discover, navigate, and make the best Beauty & Medical decision with the Medical/Beauty Service Providers including Clinics, Doctors, or Specialists. Our Services are collectively referred to as the “Services”. In other words, our Services are only intended to help you search, discover, and navigate between many Medical/Beauty Service Providers. You acknowledge that some of the Services are made available under various names.

5.3 As all information is relayed as submitted by the Providers, and while we make reasonable efforts to provide you with accurate Content, we do not guarantee, represent, nor warrant, whether expressed or implied, the accuracy of any information with respect to professional qualifications, expertise, quality of work, price or cost information, insurance, or any other Content available through the Services. In no event shall we be liable to you or anyone else for any decision made or action taken by you in reliance on any such Content. We do not in any way endorse or recommend any individual or entity listed or accessible through the Services.

5.4 CONTENT Our Services allow you to access reviews and other forums where various Users can share information, opinions, ratings and other Content. We generally do not pre-screen or monitor submitted Content, and such Content may simply represent a User’s opinion. Our Services may also include survey results, ratings or testimonials (“Evaluations”) from Users that may endorse, recommend, critique, analyze, evaluate or otherwise describe the Providers and the nature or quality of the Services received by such User. Such Evaluations are anecdotal first-hand Accounts of individual Users, and do not constitute a Provider’s judgment. You should understand that the Evaluations expressed therein are of those who provide the same, that it does not reflect the opinions of Eyadat, and does not in any way constitute or imply our endorsement or recommendation thereof. Thus, Eyadat shall not assume any liability for any of the posted Evaluations. Further, you should bear in mind that Evaluations are subject to errors and biases that are common in anecdotal first- hand Accounts, and should not to be presumed to be reliable or error-free. Any Content that you obtain or receive from Eyadat, its employees, contractors, partners, sponsors, advertisers, licensors or otherwise through the Services, is for informational, scheduling and payment purposes only. All information is for informational purposes only and does not constitute Medical/Beauty advice. The information offered on the Website is not a substitute for Medical/Beauty advice from qualified Medical/Beauty Care professionals. If you rely on any Content, including reviews, you do so solely at your own risk. We encourage you to independently confirm any Content relevant to you with other sources, including the Medical/Beauty Care Provider’s office, and the appropriate licensing or certification authorities to verify listed credentials and education.


  1. Disclaimer of Warranties and Limitation of Liability

6.1 We do not guarantee, represent or warrant that your use of our Service will be uninterrupted, timely, secure or error-free. While we always strive to ensure that our Providers are duly licensed in the relevant jurisdiction, we do not guarantee that our Content is always free of error, complete, accurate, timeliness, applicable or updated.

6.2 We do not warrant that the results that may be obtained from the use of the Service will be accurate or reliable.

6.3 Our Content is not a guarantee of outcome results, so (Eyadat) shall not be responsible for errors or omissions in reporting or explanation.

No individuals including those under active Care should use the information, resources, or  tools  contained  within self-diagnosis or self-treat in any Medical/Beauty-treated condition.

6.4 (Eyadat) is not intended as a Medical/Beauty Service Provider or as a substitute for Clinics, Doctors, or Specialists, a routine Medical/Beauty history review, shall be performed by all Medical/Beauty Providers prior to writing a prescription, your continued use of the Services shall be considered an explicit consent to waive any responsibility in this regard.

6.5 You agree that from time to time we may remove the Service for indefinite periods of time at any time, without notice to you.

6.6 You expressly agree that your use of, or inability to use, the Service is at your sole risk. The Service and all Products and Services delivered to you through the Service are (except as expressly stated by us) provided ‘as is’ and ‘as available’ for your use, without any representation, warranties or conditions of any kind, either express or implied, including all implied warranties or conditions of merchantability, merchantable quality, fitness for a particular purpose, durability, title, and non-infringement.

6.7 (Eyadat)will assume no liability for damages caused to you including and without limitation, direct, indirect, special, consequential, punitive or incidental damages, arising out of, or in connection with any of the following acts committed by Providers:

6.7.1 The failure to deliver proper bedside manners;

6.7.2 Unprofessional, unethical or dishonorable conduct;

6.7.3 Wrong or delayed diagnosis of a Medical condition;

6.7.4 Incorrect treatment, delayed treatment, or no treatment at all;

6.7.5 Medical malpractice or negligence;



  1. Users Responsibilities

7.1 The User understands and agrees that (Eyadat) will not be liable for:

7.1.1 The  User  interactions  and associated  issues with Clinic, Doctor, Specialist, Medical/Beauty Care Provider.

7.1.2  The  liability  or  intent  of  the Clinic, Doctor, Specialist, Medical/Beauty Care Provider or  lack of it  in fulfilling their obligations towards the User.

7.1.3 Any  wrong  consultation, medication, or quality of treatment that is being  given  by  Clinic, Doctor, Specialist, Medical/Beauty Care Provider, or any Medical Negligence or part of them.

7.1.4 Inappropriate treatment or similar difficulties or  any  kind  of inconvenience suffered by the User due to a failure on the part of Clinic, Doctor, Specialist, Medical/Beauty Care Provider to provide agreed Services.

7.1.5 Any misconduct or inappropriate behavior  by Clinic, Doctor, Specialist, Medical/Beauty Care Provider, or their staff.


  1. Accuracy, Completeness and Timeliness of Information

8.1 We are not responsible if information made available on this Site is not accurate, complete or current. The material on this Site is provided for general information only and should not be relied upon or used as the sole basis for making decisions without consulting primary, more accurate, more complete or more timely sources of information. Any reliance on the material on this Site is at your own risk.

8.2 This Site may contain certain historical information. Historical information, necessarily, is not current and is provided for your reference only. We reserve the right to modify the Contents of this Site at any time, but we have no obligation to update any information on our Site. You agree that it is your responsibility to monitor changes to our Site.


  1. Errors, Inaccuracies and Omissions

9.1 Occasionally there may be information on our Site that contains typographical errors, inaccuracies or omissions that may relate to product descriptions, pricing, promotions, offers, product shipping charges, transit times and availability. We reserve the right to correct any errors, inaccuracies or omissions, and to change or update information if any information in the Service or on any related Website is inaccurate at any time without prior notice.





  1. Clinics, Doctors, Specialist, and Medical/Beauty Care providers

10.1 All approvals,  and  relevant  documents must be obtained by Clinics, Doctors, Specialist, and Medical/Beauty Care Providers, providing  the  Services before obtaining the  required approvals  shall  be  the responsibility  of Clinics, Doctors, Specialist, and Medical/Beauty Care Providers.

10.2 The Medical/Beauty Care Provider agrees to grant the platform the right to use, publish and  republish  his  personal name  and  any  statement,  image  or design related to it and the Medical/Beauty Care Provider’s trade name and trademarks throughout the validity period of the Agreement,  and the platform has the right during the validity period of the Agreement and/or after the end of the Agreement to refer to the Medical/Beauty Care Provider, his marks or his name Commercial as one of the previous clients of the platform in any of the traditional and electronic advertising media.


  1. Amendments

11.1 Internet technology and applicable laws, rules and regulations change frequently. Accordingly, Eyadat reserves the right to make changes to this Terms and Conditions at any time. Your continued use of the Website constitutes assent to any new or modified provision of these Terms and Conditions that may be posted on the Website. We will post the amended Terms and Conditions on this page and indicate at the top of the page the date these Terms and Conditions were last revised.



  1. User Registration

12.1 You do not have to register in order to visit the Site. To access certain features of the Services, you will need to register with Eyadat and create a (“User Account”) through the online registration process on the Site. Your Account gives you access to the Services and functionality that we may establish and maintain from time to time and in our sole discretion. When creating an Account, you must provide Eyadat with accurate and complete registration information, as prompted in the registration form. You must promptly notify Eyadat if any of this information changes. If you fail to provide or update this information, you will not be able to receive the requested information through the Site. Eyadat will also have the right to terminate or hinder your use of the Services.

12.2 By creating an Account, you are asked to explicitly agree to these Terms. You further acknowledge that you must be over the age of 18 to utilize our Services, and that we do not take accountability for the use of our Services if you are under the age of 18.

12.3 You must choose a password to access your User Account and must keep it confidential at all times. You further understand that you will be responsible for any actions/activities made on your User Account by unauthorized Third Parties. You must notify us if you strongly believe your Account have been hacked. Under no circumstances should you respond to a request for your password, particularly a request from someone claiming to be an employee of Eyadat. You shall not authorize, assign or transfer your User Account to Third Parties.

12.4 By accessing and using our Services, you consent to our using your email address to send you Service-related, change of features or special offers notices including any notices required by law.


  1. Subscriptions, Suspension, Reactivating, and Termination

13.1 You can download the Application and register for the platform for free without any charges.

13.2 We have the right to refuse to  activate  your  Account  without


13.3 In case you wish to permanently terminate your Account with us, you may  contact  us  in  this  regard  at: [email protected].



  1. License to use the platform

14.1 You are required to maintain all information  requested  during  your registration process so that it remains true,  accurate,  up-to-date,  and complete at all times. The Service may permit you to register through certain Third-Party platforms.  By registering or logging into the platform, you agree that  we  may  access  and  use  your information,  including  your  user’s name, profile picture, age, date of birth, and email address, …etc.

14.2 Users of the platform shall use our Services. Subject to and in accordance with these Terms and other guidelines or instructions we include  in  the Service, we grant you a limited, non- transferable,  non-sub licensable, non- exclusive,  revocable  license to  make personal,  Non-Commercial  use of the Service,  including  any  materials purchased by you. Your purchase of any material entitles you only to view and, in some cases, download that material in accordance with the foregoing license and is not a purchase of the software or  Content  constituting  or included in the materials. We reserve the right to terminate this license and your access to the service at any time, for any or no reason  and  with  or without notice; provided, however, that such  termination  will  not  terminate your  right  hereunder  to  view  any materials you  have purchased  unless you  have  violated  these  Terms.  This license is personal to you. You may not assign or transfer any of your rights or obligations under this section or these Terms to any person or entity, and any attempt to do so is void and may result in terminating your access and use of the platform.


  1. Your license to use

15.1 In general,  you  grant  us  a worldwide, non-exclusive, royalty-free, perpetual,  irrevocable,  transferable, sub-licensable (through multiple tiers) right  and  license  to  store,  use, reproduce, perform, make available to the  public,  publish,  distribute,  and display the Content you upload to the platform,  including  your  Gallery Content,  text,  social  media  accounts profile information (including your User profile  on  the  platform),  and  other Content you share with us through the platform (collectively, “User Content”) in order to provide and promote the Service and otherwise  in accordance with these Terms. If you have published, made  public,  or  shared  your  User Content  with  others  through  the Service,  or  if your  User  Content  is shared  through  any  social  media platforms (including our social media platforms), you understand and agree that your  User Content may still  be visible on those platforms and other Users  may  retain  and  continue  to display, reproduce, share, or otherwise include your User Content as a result, even if the Content has been removed from your Account with us. Except for the  rights granted  herein,  you  retain ownership of all rights in and to your User Content. We will not offer any of your User Content for sale or otherwise directly monetize it in any way.

15.2 The works we choose to include in a material depend on how it fits in with our  guidelines.  As  such,  we  have discretion over which works will appear in material and we are not obligated to include your Content in the platform or in any material or exercise any of the rights  and  licenses  granted to  us  in these Terms. You irrevocably waive the right to inspect or approve any uses of your  Publicity  Rights  and  you’re Content.


  1. Limitation and Exclusion of Liability

Nothing in this Agreement excludes or limits either Party’s liability:

16.1 For fraud, theft,  or any similar dishonesty offense (committed by that Party but excluding fraud or fraudulent acts or omissions committed which use or rely on the platform Service);

16.2 To the extent that any Applicable Laws preclude or prohibit any exclusion or limitation of liability.

16.3 Subject to the previous clause the platform  shall not be liable to the user for any: (a) Loss caused by a breach that is caused  by  a  financial  institution, payment  network or operator  of an alternative payment method of or used by the User (b) Loss arising as a result of the [-Commerce  Transactions implemented  through  or  using  the Services; (c) Loss arising in relation to settlement of funds between the User and  the Acquiring  Bank or  Service Provider (including but not limited to incorrect,  omitted,  overpaid  or  late settlements)        ; (d) loss of data; (e) Loss arising from suspension of       3D Secure Protocol following Agreement with the User (f) loss of revenue, loss of profits, loss of anticipated savings, loss of or damage to goodwill, loss of business, or indirect  or  consequential  loss  or damage,  whether  arising  from negligence,  breach  of  contract  or otherwise and irrespective of whether

the  damage  and  its  extent  were foreseeable at the conclusion of this Agreement, or if the platform advised of the possibility that such damage could occur.





  1. User’s Comments, Feedback and Other Submissions

17.1 If, at our request, you send certain specific submissions (for example contest entries) or without a request from us you send creative ideas, suggestions, proposals, plans, or other materials, whether online, by email, or otherwise (collectively, ‘comments’), you agree that we may, at any time, without restriction, edit, copy, publish, distribute, translate and otherwise use in any medium any comments that you forward to us. We are and shall be under no obligation (1) to maintain any comments in confidence; (2) to pay compensation for any comments; or (3) to respond to any comments.

17.2 We may, but have no obligation to, monitor, edit or remove Content that we determine in our sole discretion are unlawful, offensive, threatening, libelous, defamatory, pornographic, obscene or otherwise objectionable or violates any Party’s intellectual property or these Terms and Conditions.

17.3 You agree that your comments will not violate any right of any Third-Party, including copyright, trademark, privacy, personality or other personal or proprietary right. You further agree that your comments will not contain libelous or otherwise unlawful, abusive or obscene material, or contain any computer virus or other malware that could in any way affect the operation of the Service or any related Website. You may not use a false e-mail address, pretend to be someone other than yourself, or otherwise mislead us or Third Parties as to the origin of any comments. You are solely responsible for any comments you make and their accuracy. We take no responsibility and assume no liability for any comments posted by you or any Third-Party.


  1. Force Majeure

18.1 Neither Party shall be liable to the other  Party  for  any  delay  or  non-performance of  its  obligations  under this Agreement to the extent to which such delay or non-performance arises from  any  act of God,  governmental intervention, war, fire, flood, explosion, civil commotion, armed hostilities, act of  terrorism,  revolution  blockade, embargo,  strike,  lock-  out,  sit-in, industrial or trade dispute to the extent to which those things do not involve employees of the Party claiming relief; accident to (or breakdown of) plant or machinery,  shortage of any  material, labor,  transport,  electricity  or  other supply  or  regulatory  intervention; adverse  weather  or  disease;  act  or intervention of a competent judicial or regulatory  authority;  viruses or other defects  resulting  from  unauthorized access to software or non-authorized access to the platform Site or any type of hacking,  including any  “Denial  of Service”  or  other  targeted  network attack;  loss  of  supply  of  essential Services  including  electrical  power, telecommunications,  air  conditioning and Third Party Services; or any event (including any act or omission of any Third  Party)  beyond  its  reasonable control which could not reasonably be planned for or avoided (each a Force Majeure  Event),  provided  that  the affected Party shall promptly notify the other  Party  in  writing,  take  all  the necessary actions to mitigate the effect of that delay or non-performance of the Force  Majeure  Event  and  provide corresponding evidence to the other Party.  The  platform  shall  not  be  in breach of this Agreement to the extent such breach is a direct result of a Relief Event.


  1. No partnership or agency

19.1 Nothing in this Agreement will create any partnership, joint venture, agency, franchise, sales representative, or  employment  relationship  between the Parties.


  1. Indemnification

20.1 You agree to indemnify, defend (if we so request), and hold harmless the platform  and  our  officers,  directors, suppliers, partners, and agents from and against  any  Third-Party  claims, demands, losses, damages, or expenses (including  reasonable  attorney  fees) arising from (a) the Content you post or submit,   (b) your use of the platform       (c) your violation of these Terms, or     (d) your violation of any rights of a Third Party. Your indemnification obligation will  survive the termination of these Terms and your use of the platform.



  1. No Assignment

21.1 You  may  not  assign  or transfer these Terms (or the rights and licenses granted under them).  For example,  if you  registered  an  Account  as  an employee of a company, your Account cannot  be  transferred  to  another employee. We may assign these Terms(or the rights and licenses granted under them) to another company or person without  restriction.  Nothing  in  these Terms  confers  any  right, benefit,  or remedy on any Third-Party person or entity. You agree that your Account is non-transferable and that all  rights to your Account and other rights under these Terms terminate upon your death.


  1. Your Content: Rules

22.1 You  warrant and  represent that your  Content  will  comply  with  this Agreement and Terms and Conditions.

22.2 Your Content must not be illegal or unlawful, must not infringe any person’s legal rights, and must not be capable of giving rise to legal action against any person (in each case in any jurisdiction and under any Applicable Law).

22.3 Your Content, and the use of your Content by us in accordance with this Agreement and Terms and Conditions, must not:

22.3.1 Be libelous or maliciously false;

22.3.2 Be obscene or indecent;

22.3.3 Infringe  any  copyright,  moral  right, database right, trade mark right, design

right,  right in passing off, or another intellectual property right;

22.3.4 Infringe any right of confidence,  right of privacy,  or  right under data protection legislation;

22.3.5 Constitute negligent advice or contain any negligent statement;

22.3.6 Constitute an incitement to commit a crime, instructions for the commission of a crime or the promotion of criminal activity- of a crime or the promotion of criminal activity;

22.3.7 Be in contempt of any court, or in breach of any court order;

22.3.8 Be in breach of racial or  religious  hatred  or  discrimination legislation;

22.3.9 Be blasphemous;

22.3.10 Be in breach of official legislation;

22.3.11 Be in breach of any contractual  obligation  owed  to  any person;

22.3.12 Depict violence in an explicit, graphic, or gratuitous manner.

22.3.13 Be pornographic, lewd, suggestive, or sexually explicit.

22.3.14 Be untrue, false, inaccurate, or misleading.

22.3.15 Consist of or contain any instructions, advice, or other  information  which  may  be acted upon and could, if acted upon, cause illness, injury or death, or any

other loss or damage.

22.3.16 Constitute spar.

22.3.17 Be offensive,  deceptive,  fraudulent, threatening,  abusive,  harassing, anti -social, menacing,  hateful, discriminatory or inflammatory; or

22.3.18  Cause  annoyance, inconvenience, or needless anxiety to

any person.



23.1 In addition to other prohibitions as set forth in these Terms, you are prohibited from using the Site or our application or its Content: (a) for any unlawful purpose; (b) to solicit others to perform or participate in any unlawful acts; (c) to violate any international, federal, provincial or state regulations, rules, laws, or local ordinances; (d) to infringe upon or violate our intellectual property rights or the intellectual property rights of others; (e) to harass, abuse, insult, harm, defame, slander, disparage, intimidate, or discriminate based on gender, sexual orientation, religion, ethnicity, race, age, national origin, or disability; (f) to submit false or misleading information; (g) to upload or transmit viruses or any other type of malicious code that will or may be used in any way that will affect the functionality or operation of the Service or of any related Website, other Websites, or the Internet; (h) to collect or track the Personal Information of others; (i) to spam, phish, pharm, pretext, spider, crawl, or scrape; (j) for any obscene or immoral purpose; or (k) to interfere with or circumvent the security features of the Service or any related Website, other Websites, or the Internet. We reserve the right to terminate your use of the Service or any related Website for violating any of the prohibited uses.


  1. Breaches of this Agreement and Terms and Conditions

24.1 Without prejudice to our other rights under this Agreement and Terms and Conditions, if you breach this Agreement and Terms and Conditions in any way, or if we reasonably suspect that you have breached this Agreement and Terms and Conditions in any way, we may:

24.1.1 Send you one or more formal warnings;

24.1.2 Temporarily suspend your access to the platform.

24.1.3 Permanently prohibits you from accessing the platform.

24.1.4 Block computers/mobile devices using your IP address from accessing the platform.

24.1.5 Contact any or all of your internet Service Providers and request that they block your access to the platform.

24.1.6 Commence legal action against you, whether for breach of this Agreement and Terms and Conditions or otherwise; and/or

24.1.7 Suspend or delete your Account on the platform.


  1. Compliance

25.1 You must comply with these Terms, any policies referred to on the Site, any laws, regulations, rules, License or Restrictions approved by Eyadat.


  1. Contact Us

26.1 You can contact us by sending an email on [email protected]:

– If you are not satisfied with any Services, please file a complaint immediately and send it to our email.

– If you have any comments, queries, questions, or concerns in connection with our Terms and Conditions and/or Privacy Policy.